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Understanding And Reducing Costs In A Divorce

We don’t want your divorce to cost you any more than is absolutely necessary. With traditional hourly billing, however, the costs can get out of control. But there are some easy ways you can minimize that risk. Here is our list of ways to make sure you spend wisely on your family law attorney:

  1. Use email. Email lets you take your time and formulate your questions and concerns. The response from your lawyer is something you can (and should) save and refer back to as needed;
  2. Be Organized. Sometimes there is no substitute for talking to your lawyer by phone or even fact-to-face. Be efficient when communicating with your lawyer in this way. By this, we mean think about what you want to talk about before making the call. Have a list of questions and concerns prepared so you can get the most out of that time;
  3. Have a confidante. Divorces are highly emotional events and cases can take several months (or longer) to resolve. It is important that you be able to vent to someone who you know is on your side and understands your view. This type of (non-legal) communication is vital to your well-being but, for the most part, should not be with your lawyer. A personal therapist can be of great help during this transition in your life and are usually much less expensive. (Please keep in mind, however, that you do not want to share anything which could be used against you later, unless that communication is protected by a legal privilege of confidence.)
  4. Use your lawyer wisely. Try not to use your lawyer to divide up personal property. We certainly can argue about these issues, but if at all possible you should try to resolve these matters with your spouse directly. If you have already separated and divided household goods, it is a simple thing to incorporate the agreement into the Final Order and Decree;
  5. Be Responsive. We promise we will never waste your time. We will be asking you for a lot of documents and, from time to time, we may be sending you documents you need to complete. Try and respond as quickly and completely as possible. Efficiency usually equals reduced costs;
  6. Be Truthful and Candid. The more we know, the more effective we can be. Be completely candid with your legal team. Last, be completely up-front about your assets. When a party appears to have hidden assets, costs always increase; and, finally
  7. Stay Focused. Your list of goals should never include “revenge” or “getting back at” your spouse. Your goals should be to protect your relationship with your children, divide assets equitably, and place yourself in a position financially so that you can transition into your new life in as strong a position as possible. Make sure the direction you are giving your legal team is with theses important things in mind.

Saving Money in Your Divorce Case

The best divorce attorneys help clients understand the costs associated with the process, and work closely with them to keep those costs under control. At the Berry Family Law Group, we believe that a clear explanation of our fee structure at the beginning of the attorney/client relationship is the best way to ensure you get the value you deserve from our work on your behalf.